Hotel Policies.
We are pleased to welcome you and are ready to provide all the services available in it. In order to make your stay as comfortable as possible and there is no misunderstanding between you and the hotel employee ask you to read the following information:

The hotel provides laundry guest accommodation.
Mode of operation of the hotel round the clock.
Check-out time at the hotel 12:00.

Hotel reservations made ​​by telephone and on the website of the hotel. Check-in hotel guests is strictly upon presentation of their passport with the consent of the current rules Guests Hotels.

The hotel is designed for temporary accommodation of guests at a time agreed with the hotel. At the end of the agreed period obliged to release the living room at the request of the administration. If desired, extend the period of residence must inform the administrator of the hotel no later than 2 hours before check-out time - 12:00 hours local time. Extending the length of stay in the same room is possible only in the absence of a confirmed reservation in favor of third parties.

At the request of guests can be booked early check-in the hotel. The cost is equal to the cost of the previous night of arrival.

Payment for accommodation and services in the hotel are made at market prices according to the price list approved by the hotel management. Payment is made in rubles in cash or using settlement (credit) cards. Check in at the hotel only after making an advance payment for all guest stays alleged.

Regardless of the type checking, in case of delay out guest (customer) after checkout time (or other specified time) for more than 10 minutes I pay for a full hour.

In case of cancellation guests from the accommodation or reducing the length of stay Administration is entitled to retain an amount equal to the cost of one night stay. This amount is pay for the reservation in the name of the guest rooms for the entire period of his residence.

Change of bed linen, towels and toiletries made ​​at the request of the guest, but not more than once a day. At the request of the guest, surcharge may be made an unscheduled change of linen.

The hotel provides the following types of living free services:

  • call "ambulance"
  • use first aid kit
  • providing sewing, set of dishes and cutlery
  • service "Wake Up"
  • use of in-room safety-box
  • taxi.

  • The hotel provides the following additional services according to the approved management's price list for additional services.

    The hotel is not responsible for the operation of urban services (emergency shutdown of electricity and heat, water).

    Administration is not responsible for the loss of valuables guests staying in the room, in violation of the order of their stay. In case of forgotten things the administration is taking steps to return to their owners. Forgotten things are kept in the hotel no more than three months.If owner is not found, the administration says the find to the police or local authority.

    Book reviews and suggestions is at the reception of the hotel and is issued at the request of customers.

    Resident shall:

  • when leaving the room to close the hydrants, windows, turn off the lights, TV
  • adhere to the established order in hotel accommodation, to preserve the purity, peace and public order in the room and the hotel
  • strictly observe the rules of fire safety
  • pay damages in case of loss, injury or damage to hotel property. Damage assessment is based on a price list for damage to hotel property.
  • liable for the actions invited to his room visitors
  • timely and fully pay all the hotel extras

  • The property is prohibited:

  • left in the room by unauthorized persons, and send them a card-room key
  • store bulky items, flammable materials, weapons, chemical and radioactive substances, mercury
  • keep in the room of animals (birds, reptiles)
  • smoking in the rooms, as well as in the hotel lobby
  • be in a state of alcohol or drugs
  • use heating devices if it is not provided in the room
  • disturb guests staying in nearby rooms

  • The hotel reserves the right to visit the rooms without the consent of the guest in case of smoke, fire, flooding, and in case of violation of this order of guest accommodation, public order, the order of use of household appliances.

    The hotel is entitled to terminate the contract for the provision of hotel services unilaterally or refuse to extend the period of residence in the event of a guest residence order, delayed payment of hotel services, causing material damage to the hotel guest.

    In the absence of the guest in the residence more than a day (or within 6 hours after the onset of his estimated hours), the hotel has the right to establish a commission and make an inventory of the property being in the room. Tangible assets in the form of cash, precious metals, valuable documents, the administration is taking its responsibility. Other property is in the Service Department.

    In the event of complaints from consumer administration is taking all possible measures to resolve the conflict, provided by the legislation.

    In cases not covered by these rules, the administration and the consumer governed by laws of the Russian Federation.

    Hotel Policies are based on the Federal Law "On Protection of Consumer Rights" and "Rules of hotel services in the Russian Federation", approved by the RF Government Decree number 490 of 25 April 1997 (as amended and supplemented from 02.10.1999, the, of 15.09.2000).

    Sincerely, The hotel.